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Traditional financial advice is expensive and unsuited to the way the world is headed into a digital future. With antiquated systems patched together over many years, companies are finding it increasingly difficult to fully embrace the benefits of new technology.


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At Tokenbridge we are committed to unleashing the real-world benefits of hyper-personalization and asset tokenization for investors and their advisors.

Wealth Managers

We want to unleash the benefits of hyper-personalisation with tokens that enable investors and their advisors to automate processes for KYC, verification checks and investment preferences.

Fund Managers

We support fund managers, their agents and administrators in navigating the blockchain landscape, helping them to choose fund tokenization options that are right for their business, providing the tools and software to distribute fund tokens.

Infrastructure Providers

We are a blockchain agnostic token aggregator. Our interoperable distribution software connects fund managers, wealth managers and and other tokenizers for the benefit of end investors.

Meet the team

Tokenbridge is run by a talented team of industry experts with an enviable mix of investment and technology experience spanning decades with extensive credentials in bringing industry-leading solutions to market.

The depth of knowledge spreads across wealth and asset management, fund operations and global financial institutions, as well as proficiency in distributed ledger and smart contract technology.

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