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Wealth Managers


The current process for investing a client’s money into a fund is fraught with antiquated systems, protracted and drawn-out procedures and can be both frustrating and unnecessarily expensive.

Tokenbridge provide solutions on two fronts. The tokenization of funds dramatically streamlines the investment lifecycle. Currently it takes days but soon it will happen in seconds, making investment cheaper and more accessible. Our blockchain technology can also simplify client on-boarding with personalization tokens such as KYC making the process considerably more efficient.

Investors have the option to invest in tokenized funds they can hold in a digital wallet, that is secure, transparent, and transferable instantly. This aligns with the modern, digitally advanced interactions many, especially the younger generation expect, making client relationships stickier, providing an entirely new, future focussed way to invest that is, quicker, cheaper, secure and flexible.

Tokenbridge is able to provide guidance and advise you on how to make the most of tokenization technology. Our white labelled platform can transform how you work with clients and bring a new dimension to what you can offer them.