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Tokenbridge directly addresses the changing savings and investment habits of an increasingly affluent younger generation. Typically Millenials and Gen Z do not engage with traditional wealth management models. That’s one of the main reasons for Tokenbridge’s mission. Our deployment of blockchain technology eliminates process inefficiencies, delivering a client experience both wealth managers and investors want to engage with.

There are two key pillars of Tokenbridge’s offering:

  1. Fund tokenization: we create and deploy technology that simplifies the funds ecosystem by enabling managers to tokenise their funds and distribute them with far greater efficiency.
  2. Hyperpersonalization: we provide advisors and their clients with a portable digital footprint that allows individual investment preferences including client suitability to be registered once across multiple records.

Tokenbridge’s market-changing technology offers benefits right across the fund ecosystem, allowing Fund Managers to facilitate more effective, efficient and cheaper fund distribution, as well as cutting operational costs. 

For Wealth Managers, Tokenbridge helps to create more durable and profitable client relationships, driven by a more comprehensive understanding of individual investor preferences.

What’s more, for Infrastructure Providers, the Tokenbridge platform delivers a simpler and cheaper operational model. Less complexity, greater visibility and the potential for faster settlement.

The result for investors is greater access at lower cost with investment solutions that are tailored to their preferences and risk appetite.

Tokenbridge aspires to be the token aggregator of choice, providing investors with a next generation platform to navigate the fund ecosystem, while giving market participants the tools they need to benefit from new technology generating efficiencies, reducing costs and connecting with valuable, new audiences.