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Meet the team Danielle Higgins

Danielle Higgins is the visionary Founder and Managing Director of The Tracing Group, renowned for providing cutting-edge people tracing and data management solutions to top UK financial institutions and Pension Schemes. She’s a 2023 nominee for the “Innovator of the Year” at the Women in Pension Awards, thanks to Validentity, a groundbreaking ID Verification tool that seamlessly confirms customer and pension member identities.

With 16 years under her belt in data quality and asset reunification, Danielle co-introduced the CTF Register in 2020 alongside the Sharefoundation. This pioneering solution aids young individuals in rediscovering their lost Child Trust Fund accounts. Additionally, Danielle has been an instrumental Deputy Chair for the TISA Data Quality Executive Committee, advocating for best practices in addressing ‘gone aways’ in financeā€”a guideline later adopted by the BSI. Outside of her professional realm, Danielle finds solace in ballet, yoga, and cold water swimming, while cherishing moments with her two daughters and husband.